StOP Legal Aid Cuts – Justice For ALL


Doug Ford continues to make cuts to many of the services that we access including health care, social services, education and libraries and it is important that we all stand together in opposition to these cuts. Legal Aid services have also been targeted and thousands of people depend on these services to help them in their day to day living.

Please join us on Monday June 3rd for our Stop the Cuts Town Hall Rally at the Finlandia Hall from 1pm-3pm. It’s so important that we work together to stop the cuts to legal aid which will impact front line service. As many of you are aware Kinna aweya legal clinic provides free legal services to those living in poverty; people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford legal advice. Their ability to provide these services could be greatly impacted as a result of these cuts. Let’s work together to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Please see the attached poster, share with your networks and post at workplaces.

Thanking you in advance and looking forward to seeing you there!

Town Hall Poster EDITED

April 17th Thunder Bay Day of Action for Education and Health

After the release of the Provincial Budget, the Ontario Federation of Labour is urging all unions to organize a demonstration in response to the attacks against our rights by the Ford Conservative Government.

These attacks against the people of Ontario are many and are focused in vital areas of importance to working people such as Health, Social Services, Child Protection and Education.

It is clear that we can only succeed in the struggle to protect our rights when we stay united. The Conservative Government is opening many fronts, that could be their potential weakness. The labour movement can overcome, if we are able to keep our unity and if we are able to develop fight back actions that are coordinated and have a holistic approach.

This is not the time for isolated sectoral actions. Isolated sectoral actions will only help to ensure that the Tories will have the momentum to force the cuts announced over the last two weeks and in the Provincial Budget today.”

With that in mind I propose that we gather at the Ontario Government Building (Mini Queen’s Park) on James St. South on the “Province Wide Day of Action for Education and Health Care” on Wednesday April 17, at 5 P.M.

A demonstration in such short notice can only succeed if all the unions/organizations in the area are able to see the gravity of the matters at hand and are willing to take a coordinated, concerted action against such an outrageous attack on working people.

In solidarity,
Carlos Santander-Maturana
President of Thunder Bay & District Labour Council

Preliminary Analysis of Ford Government Health Care Omnibus Bill

This Act takes the existing LHlNs and other key health care agencies and transfers them into a new Super Agency. At the same time, the Super Agency and the Minister are given new powers to order megamergers, takeovers, closures, transfers of health care services, including the privatization of public and non-profit health care services. There is no progressive language about the goals and principles, there are no democratic protections, there is no ability for the public to intervene in the transfers/closures/mega-mergers/privatization of their health care services. This is a radical piece of health restructuring legislation first and foremost and it requires continual health care restructuring in perpetuity as tong as this legislation is in existence.

Ontario Health Coalition February 26, 2019

Briefing Note – Doug Ford’s Omnibus Health Bill (Bill 74)

Not a Single New Service or Improvement to Care
We have excellent health care. We just don’t have enough of it. Yet Doug Ford’s new health care omnibus bill does not open a single new health care service. Not a single surgery to help tackle wait lists. Not one new nursing home space. No more health professionals, vital support staff, nurses or doctors.

At the same time, Ontario has the fewest hospital beds left of any province in the country and of any developed nation, even while patients wait for days on stretchers for a bed to open up. Every major hospital has operating rooms that are closed due to lack of funding, even while people wait for surgeries. Our province funds our hospitals at the lowest rate in Canada. We also have the second fewest long-term care beds of any province while wait-lists number 33,800. The evidence is clear: cuts and rationing have gone too far. In fact, in the election Mr. Ford traversed the province promising more, not a wholesale dismembering of the health system.

Briefing note – Doug Ford’s Omnibus Health Bill (Bill74)

Warning that Leaked Health Care Omnibus Bill Would Create Health Care Chaos: Longstanding Leaders of Organizations Representing Patients, Care Workers, Doctors

Toronto — Academic leaders, democracy advocates, patient advocates, front-line care workers and doctors are alt speaking with one voice when it comes to the leaked health care omnibus bill that has secretly been planned by the Ford government for months: if passed, it would cause health care chaos that will last for years. Speaking at a Queen’s Park press conference this morning, representatives called on the Ford government to rethink their plans; to rebuild capacity in our public health care to meet population need and consult with Ontarians in a proper and meaningful democratic consultation process about the future of our health care system, rather than engaging in massive restructuring and privatization.

Ontario Health Coalition February 11, 2019

Ford government won’t hear from more than 1,500 on sweeping health restructuring bill

Toronto: The Ontario Health Coalition will appear before the Ontario Legislature’s Standing Committee on Social
Policy this morning in the public hearings into Bill 74. The Ford government’s new health restructuring law, the Coalition reports, gives the Minister of Health and the government’s appointees in the new Super Agency sweeping new powers to order, direct, coerce through funding powers, and otherwise force health service restructuring and privatization. The Coalition is concerned that local health care services will be put in jeopardy, that any remaining local control over health services is being taken away, that the legislation enables the government and the Super Agency to force the privatization of a massive array of health care services, and that the legislation has been stripped of all democratic protections. Health Coalition executive director Natalie Mehra issued the following statement this morning in response to the government’s refusal to date to hold public hearings across Ontario and to consult with the people of the province who fund our health care system.

Ontario Health Coalition April 1, 2019

Canadian Office & Professional Employees’ Union

On February 26, 2019, the Ontario Government introduced the People’s Health Care Act, 2019 (Bill 74). This Act proposes the establishment of a single Health Agency— Ontario Health (the Super Agency) and the establishment of local Ontario Health Teams that will connect health care providers and services around patients and families.

COPE letter