Port Arthur Health Centre

Why has the Port Arthur Health Centre forced 65 women
workers out on strike?

• Only 22 out of 65 workers are permanent full time, the rest of the workers,
some with 15 years of service are still casuals.
• Lowest paid health clinic staff in Thunder Bay and in all of Ontario
• Patients are being bullied into attending appointments and some doctors are
illegally billing patients for missed appointments
• PAHC is one of the oldest and biggest private for-profit health clinics in
Thunder Bay
• No new offer, there has been no offer by the employer who forced them out
on strike on April 9, 2018
• Your doctor and every doctor in the Port Arthur Health Centre is an owner,
therefore they are responsible for the low wages and poor working
conditions of these women
• When you cross the picket line, the doctor gets paid
• The doctors have hired scab or replacement workers to do this work
• Your private and confidential medical records are being left on counters or
the names of all patients are posted publicly on the wall of the clinic
• Who is sterilizing the instruments and machines your doctor is using?

What are you doing to support the women who have been providing support to
you and your family? Please call or email your MPP and ask them to help stop
the strike at the numbers listed below.
Thunder Bay-Atikokan- MPP Bill Mauro
bmauro.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org 807-623-9237

Thunder Bay Superior North- MPP Michael Gravelle
mgravelle.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org 807-345-3647

Call John Marrello the manager of Port Arthur Health Centre
jmarrello@paclinic.com 807-346-6254

Call the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons

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