Meet the new COPE Ontario Political Action Campaign Organizers

We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you as the new Political Action Campaign Organizers for COPE Ontario. We’re here to work with local leaders, stewards, committees, and members (of course!) on the pressing issues in our union.

We’re currently focused on (but not limited to) four main areas :

– Violence in Education
– Privatization of Healthcare
– Pay Equity
– Bill 124

We’ve already started working on these campaigns and, over the coming months, you’ll be hearing from us (and seeing us) more often as we roll them out across the province. We’re also restarting the COPE Ontario Political Action Committee, which you can sign up for below.

Indigenous History Month 2023

June marks Indigenous History Month in Canada. It is an opportunity for Canadians to recognize and honour the rich history, heritage and diversity of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit (FNMI) peoples in Canada who continue to flourish despite past and ongoing oppression.

During Indigenous History Month, we celebrate the incredible contributions of FNMI peoples to society such as the artwork of Norval Morrisseau and Annie Pootoogook, the music of Jeremy Dutcher and Aysanabee, the filmmaking of Alanis Obomsawin, the writings of Lee Maracle, and so many others.

In addition to celebrating these trailblazers, National Indigenous History Month also presents an occasion for us to reflect upon the ongoing work that must be done toward Truth and Reconciliation.

In its 2022 Truth and Reconciliation accountability report, the Yellowhead Institute noted that two Calls to Action were completed in 2022, bringing the total completed calls to 13 out of 94. “At this rate,” they observe, “it will take 42 years, or until 2065, to complete all the Calls to Action.

As Indigenous History month begins, we encourage you to celebrate, learn more, reflect, and take action.

Demand Equity for All

During the month of June, we celebrate Pride Month by honouring, uplifting and recognizing the vibrant and diverse 2SLGBTQIA+ community. The 2SLGBTQIA+ community has fought for acceptance, inclusion, and civil rights for decades. Pride began in the 1970s as a protest and will continue to be a protest until equal rights and justice are received for all. In solidarity with the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, COPE Ontario will continue to support future protests, movements and fights for justice and equity.

In 2023, we saw a resurgence of unacceptable actions, hate speech and violence against the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, specifically trans people, drag queens and Black, Indigenous, and racialized members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. According to Statistics Canada there has been a 64% rise in hate crimes targeting sexual orientation across Canada since 2020. This increase reflects a fight from prejudiced and discriminatory people trying to strip the 2SLGBTQIA+ communities of their rights. These groups under attack are at the forefront of the fight for justice, equality and acceptance and we will continue to support and uplift the voices of those that are under attack.

COPE Ontario condemns these injustices and will continue to support the 2SLGBTQIA+ community to create inclusive and safe workplaces and environments. COPE Ontario supports the 2SLGBTQIA+ community to continue to push forward in the fight for equity for all, and we will not stop until justice, civil rights and equality are upheld.

As members of a union spanning across a wide variety of public and private sectors, we must continue the fight to eliminate hate and inequalities from our workplaces, our communities and in all areas of society.

Jack Elwert Bursary application

Dear Brothers & Sisters:

Enclosed you will find application forms for the “Jack Elwert” Bursary Award which is sponsored by COPE Local 96.

There will be three (3) Bursaries of $350.00 each given out.

To be eligible for this Bursary the student needs to meet the following criteria.

1. Applicant must be a child of COPE Local 96 member.

2. Applicant must be currently registered in Grade 12.

3. Applicant must:

• Provide a copy of current transcript
• Attach completed application form
• Write a 500-word essay in your own words on who Tommy Douglas was and what he did to improve the lives of Canadian workers
• Provide proof of acceptance into post-secondary institution

Jack Elwert Bursary Letter and Application to Members2023

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a global holiday celebrated annually on March 8 as a focal point in the women’s rights movement, bringing attention to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women.

Spurred on by the universal female suffrage movement, IWD originated from labor movements in North America and Europe during the early 20th century. The earliest version was purportedly a “Women’s Day” organized by the Socialist Party of America in New York City February 28, 1909. This inspired German delegates at the 1910 International Socialist Women’s Conference to propose “a special Women’s Day” be organized annually, albeit with no set date; the following year saw the first demonstrations and commemorations of International Women’s Day across Europe. After women gained suffrage in Soviet Russia in 1917 (the beginning of the February Revolution), IWD was made a national holiday on March 8; it was subsequently celebrated on that date by the socialist movement and communist countries. The holiday was associated with far-left movements and governments until its adoption by the global feminist movement in the late 1960s. IWD became a mainstream global holiday following its adoption by the United Nations in 1977.

International Women’s Day is commemorated in a variety of ways worldwide; it is a public holiday in several countries, and observed socially or locally in others to celebrate and promote the achievements of women.

The UN observes the holiday in connection with a particular issue, campaign, or theme in women’s rights. In some parts of the world, IWD still reflects its political origins, being marked by protests and calls for radical change; in other areas, particularly in the West, it is largely sociocultural and centered on a celebration of womanhood.

womens day (French)

womens day

COPE Ontario has instituted a regular health care report for COPE members
four (4) times a year. The health care report will keep COPE members
updated on the changes occurring in health care and the impact of changes
on COPE health care workers.

to view the entire document
please click on the link

COPE Health Care Report -Janaury 2023

COPE Local 96 Christmas supper

COPE Local 96 Christmas supper is BACK!

After a two-year hiatus, we are back
We will be having our supper at the Knights of Columbus, 301 May Street South
The event is open to current and retired members of Local 96
$10.00 per ticket (retirees as well)

Symposium 6:00 pm
Dinner 6:30 pm

If you are in need of tickets, please contact your local unit VP


Address change

COPE Ontario, as well as Local’s 96 and 81 (our members over at Alstrom)
have moved our offices to the West Arthur Place on Arthur Street East

our new address is

COPE Local 96
1265 East Arthur Street
Suite 600a, P.O. Box 42
Thunder Bay, ON P7E 5H7

our phone number is the same

COPE Health Care Report

COPE Ontario has instituted a regular health care report for COPE members
four (4) times a year. The health care report will keep COPE members
updated on the changes occurring in health care and the impact of changes
on COPE health care workers.

The next issues of the COPE Health Care Report for 2022 will be in
December. In 2023 the Health Care Report will be quarterly.

to view the entire document
please click on the link COPE Health Care Report October 2022