Healthcare Campaign launch!

Good Afternoon everyone,

I am please to reach out and inform you that our healthcare campaign has begun; We are working hard to fight the attack on our public healthcare!

The first phase of this campaign is our landing page with an email campaign for folks to share their concerns with local politicians and leaders. We would really love to see as much support for all of our locals on this as this is an issue that will affect all of our members in the long run.

We are kindly asking folks to circulate and spread this campaign to their members, on your locals’ socials and within your networks.

To find more info, visit our landing page with info visit:

Check out the landing page to find the link to our email campaign and additional information!

Please also find social share images (in both English and French) for folks to share on their own social medias.

Keep an eye out for more details and next steps coming to this campaign.

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