Unifor Metro Boycott Calls

To: Members of the CLC Canadian Council
Ontario Labour Councils


As you are all likely aware, the membership of Unifor working at 27 Metro stores in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario began strike action this week.

In an effort to support those workers on strike, we have seen a few calls for people to either boycott Metro stores in those geographic locations or across the entire chain, including other banner stores such as Food Basics.

While those calls for a boycott are well intentioned, they ignore the fact that there are multiple unions who represent workers at Metro stores that remain at work, covered by active collective agreements. Instead, calls to respect picket lines at the specific struck workplaces is the more appropriate message.

As a reminder, the CLC has a boycott policy which is designed to avoid any potential conflicts between affiliates.

Workers across Canada (and the world) have been feeling the downward pressures against them and are exercising their power – the right to withdraw their labour. We in the labour movement will continue to support workers in their rights, in solidarity with each other.

Workers, united, will never be defeated!

In solidarity,

Bea Bruske

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